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Sustainable Residential Builders in The Gap QLD

We strive to make it simple for your family. With over 25 years experience in construction and 6 generations of building knowledge, we specialise as residential builders.

Family Builders Brisbane

A Family Builder in The Gap, QLD

We are a premier residential builder in The Gap, Queensland area. We can help with home extensions, home renovations, and much more related to home building in the The Gap, Upper Kedron, Ferny Grove, Keppera, Mitchelton, Gaythorne, Enoggera and surrounding areas.


Godford Builders starts by reading the blueprint and uses the information gleaned from there to bid on particular building projects, order construction materials, and also plan and implement home construction techniques. Apart from that, we are the ones who supervise construction crews as well as contractors like masonry specialists, electricians, carpenters, and landscape installation contractors. Our clients include property owners and also residential development firms.

If you're considering a renovation, don't leave as a DIY project. You need the expertise of building experts. Below are some of the best benefits of hiring professional residential builders.

Receive Awareness and Consultation

We make it a point that you are fully aware of the building process before the construction commences. With your full awareness of the entire building process, we can guarantee you a smooth-sailing job. This can only be possible through a consultation.

Guaranteed Expertise

For a string of reasons, it is a must to hire the best-skilled workers for your residential property. There must be no major faults incurred in any part of the project which is why it must be handled by professional and seasoned building professionals. With Godford Builders, you'll have guaranteed professional skilled services throughout the project.

You Can Expect the Best End Results

If you decide to entrust your residential construction project to us, you may expect to see the best end results. This by far is the greatest reason why people hire professional residential builders for their homes.

Insurance Coverage

The work we do is covered by general liability insurance. You do not need to worry about any damages or accidents that may occur on site. You won’t be held liable or be made responsible for them.

Fully Licensed by QBCC and Master Builders

As master builders, we make it our aim to continuously learn. We ensure that we are consistently receiving updates about laws, trends, building legislation, and other important aspects of the industry. To ensure top-notch service, we keep on updating our skills regularly and maintaining our professional licenses.

Residential Home Builders

Homes today are like multifaceted machines that require the knowledge and skills of professional residential home builders. We at Godford Builders have a full understanding of the complex systems that are at work while staying close attention to all the important details. We also make sure of our coordination with all top-performing contractors to make sure that you get the best results.

With us, you can be sure that all the skilled artisans and professionals such as carpenters, electricians, architects, engineers, plumbers, and landscapers required to complete the project are managed well. Not only that, your new structure won’t have any issues regarding local planning law, zoning regulations, and environmental restrictions towards sustainability.

Home Extensions, The Gap

We at Godford Builders make sure that our knowledge is not only limited to the surface area. We learn about topography, shallow depth bedrock, sources of natural drainage, shallow groundwater, rock outcroppings, and dense vegetation.

Apart from these, we also research the local building codes, which in most places restrict the building as well as the installation of heating, plumbing, air conditioning, electrical systems, as well as fire safety.

We are also the ones who will approach the municipal departments once the building is ready for inspection. With us, we can guarantee timekeeping, and we keep our clients updated on the improvements and status of the project until its completion.

Residential Property Builders

Residential Property Builders have several responsibilities. A number of builders lay the foundation and start working on the basic framing. Builders like Godford hire subcontractors that will complete the plumbing, roofing, electrical system, and painting tasks.

A large builder may hire smaller construction firms to handle smaller individual projects which are parts of a bigger development. Some work directly with homeowners who are looking forward to erecting new homes in their newly purchased lots for home construction and the renovation of already-existing properties.

The benefits of hiring Residential Property Builders are great. One of these is affordability. Professional residential builders like us offer discounted services depending on the size of the structure, the area of the home, and the hiring period. On our part, we can guarantee you a huge network of contractors and suppliers that can give discounted rates. This can ensure savings on your project.

If you have a dream design that you found from a magazine or a book, we as professional builders can turn that into a real home. Make sure though that you make these preferences known early on before the project commences.

Aside from this, your home is guaranteed to have the best materials. We have knowledge about what these materials are and the factors that may affect the quality of the structure. We take all these into consideration to make sure that we deliver a durable and strong home for you.

We know how to deal with building codes and get the approval of local authorities fast about the construction or renovation of homes. We make sure that you will reap the benefits of our services that are more than just satisfactory.

Residential Greenhouse Builders

If you are one of those who are greenhouses, then you are in the right place. As residential greenhouse builders, we make sure that we build your greenhouse based on your specifications.

The following are some of the advantages that you may enjoy when you hire a professional greenhouse builder: knowledge of the materials to be used in the construction, years of specialisation in terms of greenhouse building, the working team is professionally trained and understands clients easily, the team’s focus on the quality of workmanship as well as superior customer service, and tight communication between the construction team and the design team. One other benefit is that you would have a project manager working behind the scenes and organising the installation of the greenhouse from step 1 to completion.

Sustainable Builders Brisbane

High End Residential Builders

A high-end residential unit requires highly specialised professional builders. The expertise that is needed for building a luxurious home is different from that of erecting a traditional home. A high-end home has an elegant design and aesthetic appeal, not to mention expensive furnishings and home safety features that can be hard to find in traditional homes. Expensive homes are among our specialisations. We are confident to offer you the following when it comes to building a luxurious home:


Godford Builders won’t last this long in the industry if not for the great relationships we create with our clients. As a family business, we understand the importance of creating a good relationship. We believe that it is only through good rapport with clients that we can ensure a smooth-sailing albeit lengthy process of luxury-home construction or renovation. Choose a team you can trust enough to invite to your kids birthday party!

With Certifications and Associations to Show

Certifications and accreditations from professional organizations in the construction industry are assurance and credibility and trustworthiness. We're licensed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission and Master Builders Queensland. When you use Godford Builders, you can relax in the knowledge your working with professionals.

Clients’ Testimonials

Online reviews may look nice, but nothing beats getting someone on the phone for a real chat. If you're looking for a builder with good references, we will provide you a list of clients you can talk to and verify the quality of service we offer.

Luxury Residential Builders Brisbane

When you hire a luxury home builder, you certainly have to ask the right questions. Nothing could go wrong when you ask these questions to your prospective luxury home builder.

Are you licensed and insured in this particular location?

You certainly have to make sure that the builder is licensed and insured in your state since codes and requirements differ from one state to another. A builder that is licensed and insured in a different state may have problems with coverage in your location.

Do you have other luxury homes under construction?

With more homes to work on, a builder may have less focus, attention, and time on your luxury home project. You want a home builder who will be there actively to work on your project and update you on any development. One other thing is that you can prevent any possible delays on your project.

What are the features that will be included in the custom luxury home?

There are standard features to many luxury homes, but you may want some amenities, custom features, and decorative fixtures that can have a huge impact on your budget. The trick is to ask for upgrades for features that will help the vision of your home or downgrades for those features that may not be necessary for your dream home.

Who will supervise the project?

Is there someone who will oversee the project or a person who can be asked for any inquiries about the project, particularly when you visit the building site?

Does the home include a warranty?

People usually forget that they can get a warranty for their newly built home straight from the builder. The right thing to do is to ask the builder for the warranty and to see it written. From there, you can ask about the coverage and what’s left out of it.

What is my home’s final price?

You have to ask this or be surprised about incurring expenses along the way. The price can go up anytime during the construction, but we builders do set allowances. This will prevent the client from getting any surprise costs. It’s also smart to ask how the builders will be paid.

Servicing The Gap and surrounding areas.

We offer a personalised experience, provided by a trustworthy, honest and reliable team led by Wayde Godford and his family.